Dubai Airport Job Vacancies Now Open


Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport Job : A number of really important activities happen below the wing, to ensure our airport operations always run smoothly, efficiently and safely. Whether it be the secure handling of passenger baggage from the point of check in to its final destination, to the challenge of loading the aircraft and the operation of various ground service equipment supporting every task in the process, everyone has an important role to play in keeping a busy airport on schedule. Our technical teams also play a critical role in maintaining the vehicles and equipment that are needed to support our customer airlines.

Above the wing

Dubai Airport Above the wing, our people are there to provide an unforgettable service experience and ensure that the customer journey through the airport is seamless. It’s not just about checking in customers, delighting them in the lounge or boarding them at the gates, it’s also about the exceptional people behind the scenes who allocate the right resources and equipment to each flight, coordinate all activity to ensure a swift turnaround, and act as key communication channels to manage multiple flight arrival and departures . The safe, efficient running of the operation is testament to these organised and dedicated teams and their passion for results shows in their smiles everyday.


Whether it’s flowers or Ferraris, every shipment we handle is precious. And it’s up to us to keep it moving. Cargo is a fast-paced, full-time business, so our operational roles all function in a 24-hour shift pattern. We offer those with the right skills great opportunities to work across our diverse business, supported by a close-knit team of colleagues and managers.


Our teams are led by talented and passionate chefs from around the world, with diverse expertise. This diversity means we’re experts at catering to a wide range of dietary and ethnic requirements, including Halal, Indian, Japanese and Chinese dishes. Operating from 14 countries, our catering operations include inflight catering, inflight retail and the operation of respected food and beverage facilities – primarily within airports.

Working to stringent deadlines and exacting standards, we take pride in every smile our dishes evoke – a trait recognised by numerous airlines around the world.

In-flight Services Support

Our cabin crew are the face of our airline brand. To help inspire and support them to deliver the highest levels of service on board, we have a team of professionals working behind the scenes. At our dedicated Cabin Crew Training Centre, we have opportunities for specialists to train our crew in safety and emergencies, medical skills, service and grooming. We also have a cabin crew management team and support streams to keep our flight operations resourced and optimised. To ensure we maintain our exceptional service reputation, there are also roles that support business planning, product development, menu design and the art of the guest experience.

Flight Operations

The Flight Operations department manages various facets of the operational side within the Emirates Group. However, its primary responsibility is to ensure safe, legal and efficient operation of Emirates airline’s aircraft. This includes training and scheduling of Flight Deck Crew to ensure that they meet all licensing and regulatory requirements and can execute high-quality operation in a safe, efficient and customer-friendly manner. The navigation and technical sections are in charge of effective surveying of all new routes and making available all navigation, performance and other necessary operational data to flight crew, to ensure safe air and ground operations.